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Water Filtration and Purification Systems – Choosing the Right One for Your Home or Business

Wentworth plumbing water purification

Getting a water filtration system installed in your home or business is a good way to get purified water. Not only do you get pure, great-tasting water, but you save on the cost of bottled water as well. Once you have decided to get this system installed, the next important question is- which purification system is best.

You will find water filtration pitchers as well as the under-sink and whole house models. There are a number of brands and models of water purification systems on the market and this can make it challenging to choose the right one. Here are some tips that will help you make the right choice:

1. Find Out What Impurities The Water Contains

Before you choose any water purifier installation, you need to know what contaminants you’re looking to remove. You can use a DIY water testing kit (most home improvement stores carry these). Alternatively, take a sample of the water from the tap in your home or office and get it tested at a local lab. The test results will give you a clear picture of the contaminants the water contains.

2. Identify What Type of Filter You Require

The different types of water filtration technology you can choose from are:

Active carbon technology – Under-sink models and water pitcher filters work on this technology, and can remove various heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and copper, as well as parasites, certain VOCs, pesticides and chlorine. These filters work by trapping various contaminants in the positively charged and highly absorbent filter’s pores.

Reverse osmosis – Certain contaminants such as perchlorates (dry cleaning chemicals) can be removed by filtration systems that function on reverse osmosis. These systems reverse the natural flow of water, and the water is directed through a semipermeable membrane.

Distillation – These systems remove most of the contaminants mentioned above as well as arsenic. They heat the water up to a boiling point; the steam is collected as it condenses and the contaminants get left behind. However, this system can’t filter contaminants that transform into a gaseous state and remain in the water even post and distillation. It’s a good idea to complement this system with a carbon filter system.

Look for a filtration system that has NSF certification. This is an accredited, independent organization that sets water safety standards and tests and certifies filtration systems. You would have to decide where the filter is going to be installed and whether you need a whole house filter (which are very effective in removing mineral deposits and unpleasant tastes & odors), or a point of use system that can be fitted under the sink. Regardless of the system you choose, you would need the services of a good plumber to get the filtration unit installed.

Call Wentworth Plumbing for information and advice on water purification systems. We will help you with all the information you need and will install the system efficiently and at a reasonable cost.

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